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[   ]2007-IRRODL-m-Learning Positioning educators for a mobile.pdf2009-03-24 18:02 238K 
[   ]A General Architecture to Support Mobility in Learning.doc2007-10-16 22:47 47K 
[   ]A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age.doc2007-10-16 22:47 47K 
[   ]A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 301K 
[   ]A content-based image retrieval system for outdoor ecology learning - a firefly watching system.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 277K 
[   ]A general architecture to support mobility in learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 231K 
[   ]Alternative learning arenas-pedagogical challenges to mobile learning technology in education.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 222K 
[   ]A mobile butterfly-watching learning system for supporting independent learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 781K 
[   ]A mobile learning organiser for university students.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 366K 
[   ]A mobile scaffolding-aid-based bird-watching learning system.pdf2009-03-24 18:02 1.4M 
[   ]An Investigation of a Mobile Learning System in a Digital Filter Course.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 62K 
[   ]A tour guide system for mobile learning in museums.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 337K 
[   ]Being Mobile - Cognitive Multiplicity.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 64K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning - Affective factors in learning with mobile devices.doc2007-10-16 22:47 58K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning - Evaluating Mobile Learning What are appropriate methods for evaluating learning in mobile environments.doc2007-10-16 22:47 51K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning - How can we integrate mobile devices with broader educacional scenarios.doc2007-10-16 22:47 396K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning - How should learning activities using mobile technologies be designed to support innovative educational practices.doc2007-10-16 22:47 60K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning - How to enhance the experience without interfering with it.doc2007-10-16 22:46 51K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning - What is mobile learning.doc2007-10-16 22:47 52K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 637K 
[   ]Big Issues in Mobile Learning _ How can we address the conflicts between personal informal learning and traditional classroom education.doc2007-10-16 22:47 55K 
[   ]Constructive m-Learning Environments.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 247K 
[   ]English Class on the Air - Mobile Language Learning with Cel.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 56K 
[   ]English Class on the Air - Mobile Language Learning with Cell Phones.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 56K 
[   ]ITA - mlearning for todays students.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 1.1M 
[   ]Implementation and evaluation of three learning activity levels in wireless learning environment.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 589K 
[   ]Interactivity, interfaces, and smart toys.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 369K 
[   ]Investigating data synchronization in a mobile learning network with handheld devices.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 399K 
[   ]Japanese college students' typing speed on mobile devices.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 280K 
[   ]Language in Action - Applying Mobile Classroom in Foreign Language Learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 85K 
[   ]Learning object design considerations for small-screen handheld devices.pdf2007-06-17 00:58 675K 
[   ]Leveraging mobile technology for m-learning - 3rd generation threaded discussions.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 284K 
[   ]Literature Review in Mobile Technologies and Learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 909K 
[   ]M-Education - bridging the gap of mobile and desktop computing.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 228K 
[   ]MobiLP - A Mobile Learning Platform for Enhancing Lifewide Learning.doc2007-10-16 22:46 48K 
[   ]MobiLP - a mobile learning platform for enhancing lifewide learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 183K 
[   ]Mobile Learning Supported by Learning Passport.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 182K 
[   ]Mobile Learning System Using the ARCS Strategies.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 98K 
[   ]Mobile collaborative concept mapping - combining classroom activity with simultaneous field exploration.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 347K 
[   ]Mobile communications technologies for young adult learning and skills development (m-learning).pdf2007-10-16 22:47 201K 
[   ]Mobile learning- A framework and evaluation.pdf2007-06-17 00:46 1.1M 
[   ]Mobile learning - a new paradigm in electronic learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 207K 
[   ]Mobile learning - cell phones and PDAs for education.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 225K 
[   ]Mobile learning and mobility in teacher training.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 246K 
[   ]Mobile learning in personnel training of university teachers.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 212K 
[   ]Multi-agent security service architecture for mobile learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 268K 
[   ]New e-learning services based on mobile and ubiquitous computing - Ubi-learn project.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 1.5M 
[   ]Personalized metadata mechanism applied to adaptive mobile learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 517K 
[   ]Proceedings. 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 196K 
[   ]Proceedings IEEE International Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 348K 
[   ]Producing guidelines for learning, teaching and tutoring in a mobile environment.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 237K 
[   ]Project Numina - enhancing student learning with handheld computers.doc2007-10-16 22:46 47K 
[   ]Project Numina - enhancing student learning with handheld computers.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 2.4M 
[   ]Proposal of a Map-Making System for Mobile Learning that Uses Subjective Geographic Recognition.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 104K 
[   ]Report on literature on mobile learning, science and collaborative acitivity.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 1.0M 
[   ]Requirement analysis and implementation of palm-based multimedia museum guide systems.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 580K 
[   ]Roles for mobile learner models.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 339K 
[   ]Sharples- Theory of Mobile.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 241K 
[   ]Special Issue on Growth in Mobile Communications.pdf2007-12-12 19:05 146K 
[   ]The Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Mobile Learning Mechanism.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 130K 
[   ]The mobile-based interactive learning environment (MOBILE) and a case study for assisting elementary school English learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 550K 
[   ]Towards a model for m-learning in Africa.(mobile learning)..pdf2007-10-16 22:47 4.2M 
[   ]Towards a philosophy of m-learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 219K 
[   ]Using mobile communication technology in high school education_ Motivation, pressure.pdf2007-12-12 13:27 221K 
[   ]Using mobile phones in education.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 439K 
[   ]Virtual University goes mobile - Experiences with Mobile Learning at the University in Hagen.doc2007-10-16 22:46 47K 
[   ]Virtual University goes mobile - Experiences with Mobile Learning at the University in Hagen.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 126K 
[   ][Churchill and Churchill] Educational affordances of PDAs- A study of a teacher_s exploration of this technology.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 2.7M 
[   ]book.doc2007-10-30 09:36 2.4M 
[   ]m-Learning Mobile Industry Status - Where We Are and Where We Are Going.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 3.5M 
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