Stanford Univ
Mathematics 161: Set Theory
(Philosophy 161--Enroll in Math 161)
Winter 2005-2006

Instructor: Ruy de Queiroz (Visiting Professor)

Office hours: Mo We 09:30-10:45am and by arrangement, Room 8, Bolivar House
Class hours: Tu Th 09:30-10:45am, Seminar Room, Bolivar House

Course description:

Informal and axiomatic set theory: sets, relations, functions, and set-theoretical operations. Natural numbers. The Recursion Theorem. Finite, countable and uncountable sets. Ordinal numbers. Alephs and cardinal arithmetic. The Zermelo-Fraenkel axiom system.


Phil 151, 152 (formerly 160A, B), or equivalents, or consent of the instructor.


Other resources:

3. The joy of sets, Keith Devlin, Springer, 2nd edition, 1993.
4. Naive set theory, Paul Halmos, Springer, 1974.
5. Introduction to modern set theory, Judith Roitman, John Wiley, 1990.
6. Set theory, Robert Vaught, Birkhäuser, 1995.


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