Requirements Engineering Track - 11th Edition

Part of the 33rd Symposium on Applied Computing
April 9 - 13, 2018   Pau, France

Accepted Regular Papers

Comparing Alternative Goal Model Visualizations for Decision Making: an Exploratory Experiment.
Sotirios Liaskos, Teodora Dundjerovic and Grace Gabriel

Building a Software Requirements Specification and Design for an Avionics System: An Experience Report.
Andrés Paz and Ghizlane El Boussaidi

SafeTrace: A Safety-Driven Requirement Traceability Framework on Device Interaction Hazards for MD PnP.
Andrew Yi-Zong Ou, Maryam Rahmaniheris, Yu Jiang, Lui Sha, Zhicheng Fu and Shangping Ren

A Gamified Requirements Inspection Process for Goal Models.
João Pimentel, Emanuel Santos, Tarcisio Pereira, Daniel Ferreira and Jaelson Castro

Deriving Services from KAOS Models.
Eric Souza and Ana Moreira

Improving Self-adaptive Systems Conceptual Modeling.
João Pablo S. da Silva, Miguel Ecar, Marcelo S. Pimenta, Fabio Natanael Kepler, Gilleanes T. A. Guedes and Carlos Michel Betemps

Accepted Poster

Applying a Requirement Engineering Based Approach to evaluate the Security Requirements Engineering Methodologies.
Sravani Teja Bulusu, Romain Laborde, Ahmad Samer Wazan, Francois Barrere and Abdelmalek Benzekri