List of Accepted Papers

Joachim Baran and Howard Barringer.
A Grammatical Representation of Visibly Pushdown Languages

Denis Bechet and Annie Foret.
Fully Lexicalized Pregroup Grammars

Benjamin Bedregal, Roberto Callejas-Bedregal and Helida Santos.
Bounded Lattice t-norms as an Interval Category

Hicham Bensaid, Ricardo Caferra and Nicolas Peltier.
Towards Systematic Analysis of Theorem Provers Search Spaces: First Steps

Raffaella Bernardi and Michael Moortgat.
Continuation semantics for symmetric categorial grammar

Ryan Bissell-Siders.
Ehrenfeucht-Fra´ssÚ games on Linear Orders

Thomas Bolander and Rene Rydhof Hansen.
Hybrid Logical Analyses of the Ambient Calculus

Adrian Brasoveanu.
Structured Anaphora to Quantifier Domains: A Unified Account of
Quantificational and Modal Subordination

Sabine Broda and Luis Damas.
On principal types of BCK-lambda-terms

Alexander Dikovsky.
A Finite-State Functional Grammar Architecture

Annie Foret.
Pregroup Calculus as a Logic Functor

Murdoch Gabbay and Aad Mathijssen.
A formal calculus for informal equality with binding

AndrÚ Luiz Galdino, Cesar Mu˝oz and Mauricio Ayala-Rincon.
Formal Verification of an Optimal Air Traffic Conflict Resolution and
Recovery Algorithm

Sven Hartmann and Sebastian Link.
Numerical constraints for XML.

Andre Hirschowitz and Marco Maggesi.
Modules over Monads and Linearity

Ariya Isihara.
Hydra Games and Tree Ordinals

Soon-Mo Jung and Innho Jee.
An Algorithm for Approximating Hausdorff Measure of Uniform Cantor Sets

Renata Reiser, Grašaliz Dimuro, Benjamin Bedregal and Regivan Santiago.
Interval Valued QL-Implications

Alexandra Silva and Jan Rutten.
Behavioral differential equations and coinduction for binary trees

Kim Solin.
A Sketch of a Dynamic Epistemic Semiring

Marcos Villagra and Benjamin Baran
Ant Colony Optimization with Adaptive Fitness Function for
Satisfiability Testing