Abstracts of Tutorial Lectures

Achim Jung
       Stone duality

Abstract: TBA

Louis Kaufmann
       Quantum topology and quantum computation

Abstract: TBA

John Reif
Department of Computer Science, Duke University

       Biological computing

Abstract: This talk overviews the field of biological computing.
This talk will presented for a computer science audience, and particularly
emphasizes the unique impact of computer science to this quickly evolving and
interdisciplinary field.

We first review bio-materials, including:
• Nucleic Acids: DNA and RNA, and
• Peptides: and Proteins
• Optically Active Nano-materials
• Nano-electronic Devices

We then overview a number of technologies used in biocomputing, including
• DNA amplification methods
• aptamers and their selections methods
• molecular motors and their use in nano-robotics
• enzymes used in biochemistry
• microbeads and their use in synthesis of DNA libraries
• surface chemistry and DNA chips
We finally overview a variety of examples of biological computing devices that make
use of the above biotechnologies.