Call for Research Papers

There has been very strong activity in the field of software modularity as a means to improve software quality in different phases of the development life-cycle. This effort has been reflected in recent years by numerous research works dealing with software modularity. In this context, the Workshop on Software Modularity (WMod) will offer an open forum to discuss software modularity in theory and practice. The main goal of the WMod is to present ongoing works and to explore new research directions that will lead to improvements on modularization through the software development life-cycle. A secondary goal is to continue building and strengthening the community among the researchers, who work collaboratively on software modularization, including those who typically attend CBSoft.

In particular, the WMod’14 aims at stimulating scientific research on (i) varieties of modularity since the requirement phase until the software implementation, testing and maintenance phases, (ii) empirical studies of modularization and (iii) the technology transfer of research results to software development practices. A detailed list of topics is presented bellow.

Topics of Interest

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Architectures
  • Frameworks and Product Lines
  • Domain Engineering
  • Generative Programming
  • Feature Orientation Analysis
  • Design or Architectural Patterns Contracts
  • Components and Aspects
  • UML and Model-Driven Development
  • Modular Reasoning
  • General-Purpose and Domain Specific Languages
  • Mining of crosscutting concerns
  • Software Reengineering and Refactoring
  • Reverse engineering
  • Interference and Composition of Aspects
  • Computational Reflection and Metaprogramming
  • Formal Methods
  • Software Reuse, Maintenance and Adaptability
  • Software Verification and Validation
  • Metrics and Assessment
  • Software Processes and Development Methodologies
  • Development Environments and Tools
  • Empirical Studies on Software Modularization
  • Industrial Applications of Advanced Modularization Techniques
  • Practical studies involving Advanced Modularization Techniques
  • Modularity and Education

Workshop Format

WMod is a one-day workshop and will be strongly focused on discussion. The workshop program includes an invited talk, technical paper presentations, student talks, poster exhibitions and discussion.

Best Paper Award

We will acknowledge and award the best workshop paper. Additionally we will invite authors of best papers to submit an extended version to the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society (JBCS).

Submission Guidelines

Research papers must be at most 06 pages long. Submissions in English are strongly encouraged, although papers can also be written in Portuguese. Submitted papers must be unpublished and should not be under review elsewhere. The acceptance of a paper implies that at least one of its authors will register for the workshop to present it. All submissions must be in PDF format, and must follow the IEEE conference proceedings format (

All papers must be submitted using the JEMS conference system (, up to 23:55 of the informed deadline (Apia/Samoa time).

The workshop proceedings will be published in the CBSoft.14 CD-ROM.