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SugarLoafPLoPs 2002, 2001

Submissions Due
  14 April 2003
Shepherding Starts
  22 April 2003
Shepherding Ends
  6 June 2003
Notification of Acceptance
  20 June 2003
Final Conference Copy Due
  14 July 2003

Submissions Due
  14 April 2003
Notification of Acceptance
  20 June 2003
Final Conference Copy Due
  14 July 2003

Conference Starts
  12 August 2003

Visa for Travel to Brazil

The phone numbers for the Consulate General of Brazil are as follows:

  • Chicago: (312) 464-0244/45
  • New York: (917) 777-7610
  • Washington, D. C.: (202) 238-2828

Please note that Brazilian Visa can NOT be obtained by mail. You can get the visa in person or through an authorized visa agency as recommended by the Consulate General. Ask the Consulate General for details.

Here are some phone numbers for Visa agencies who will help you process the Visa by mail.

Travel Plans

You should make travel arrangement to arrive before 6pm on Tuesday and fly out on Friday evening, or afternoon, after 4pm. There will be transportation between Guararapes International airport and Hotel Pontal de Ocaporã, which takes aproximately one hour.

Opening Cerimonies
This session will formally open the conference. We will introduce you to people and facilities that you will need to know for the conference, and answer any question you may have.
Writers Workshops
The writers workshops are the heart of PLoP. If you are an author, you will stay with your workshop group for all the sessions. Please prepare for each workshop so that each author in your group has a valuable experience. Your co-authors will do the same for you.

Non-authors are strongly encouraged to choose a workshop group and work with it for all the sessions. Your workshop groups may invite you into full participation and, if so, you should prepare to participate just like another author.

Games are an integral part of the PLoP experience. We encourage everyone to participate in the games as fully as possible. You will find that they add a lot to your PLoP experience, in terms of mental freshness, personal connections within the community, and just plain fun!
Closing Cerimonies
This session will bring the conference to its formal closing. We will introduce you to some of the folks who will be working on next year's SugarLoafPLoP. Then, we will "workshop" the conference, to help next year's organizers improve the event. Finally, we will close with a traditional end-of-PLoP game.
How Our Conference Will Work


SPA sessions will be about 30 minutes each, with 25 minutes for authors' presentation  and 5 minutes for questions.  We will provide both the overhead projector for transparency and the Computer/LCD projector for power point/laptop presentation.


WP sessions will be about 1 hour each. All participants are invited to read the papers in advance, so that they can contribute, during the session, with constructive criticism about the pattern, using their own experience of having a paper shepherded at least once. As the patterns discussed in these sessions are beginning to emerge, authors would like to hear about the format, the adequacy of notations, what to include in the several pattern elements, etc.


Writers' workshop (WW) sessions will occur in parallel. So, authors of SPA and WP sessions, and also non-authors, should choose a group and stay with this group during all WW sessions. Of course, WW authors will stay in the group where their paper is placed.

After choosing a group among a group, you can download its papers to be better prepared to the writers' workshops.

Each WW session will be about 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. There will be a special 30 minute session at the beginning of the conference so that each workshop group can be introduced, and work out logistics, such as how much they want non authors to participate and in which order the papers will be presented. Besides, there will be a demo session to illustrate how a writers' workshop works.


There will be in the schedule some "reading Time" activities, which are planned to allow you reading the papers, but this will probably be insufficient. So, please reserve some time in these two weeks before SugarloafPLoP to read them.

How the Writers' Workshop Work

Introduction/Reading: Moderator introduces the Author and the Author reads a selection from the paper. This is the last we hear of the author til the end. (allow 5 minutes)

Summary: One of the workshop participants summarizes the paper.(5 minutes)

Positive Feedback: Moderator asks for things people liked about the patterns. The comments can be about presentation or content, and at the discretion of the moderator comments about presentation and content can be intermingled, or done separately. (Allow 15 minutes)

Constructive Criticism:Moderator asks for ways in which the paper can be improved, both in content and presentation. (Allow 20-40 minutes)

Author Feedback:The author asks for clarification on comments made during the session. The Author should pick a few of the most important points. (or ones which were made by the most people.) Further clarification can be had during off line discussions. (Allow 10 minutes)

Closing: The workshop participants thank the author.

Remember that while the writers' workshop format may seem unfamiliar, it has been shown to be useful for developing an environment where pattern authors can share their ideas.

You can learn more about the writers' workshops at: