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[   ][GRIMM, 2003] User Interface Techniques for Mobile Agents.pdf2003-12-08 00:25 212K 
[   ][IACUCCI, 2000] On the Move with a Magic Thing - Role Playing in Concept Design of Mobile Services and Devices.pdf2002-08-01 12:31 438K 
[   ][KUUTTI, 2002] Acting to Know Improving Creativity in the Design of Mobile Services by Using Performances.pdf2003-02-03 13:39 231K 
[   ][LUMSDEN, 2008] Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology.pdf2009-07-06 07:43 25M 
[   ][MARCUS, 2001]Cross-Cultural User-Interface Design for Work, Home, Play, and on the Way.pdf2002-11-14 18:19 101K 
[   ][NETTO, 2005] Design para Dispositivos Moveis - O primeiro passo para um sistema bem sucedido, é a interação com o usuário.doc2005-04-20 14:07 265K 
[   ][TRIANTAFILLOU, 2006] The design and evaluation of a computerized adaptive test on mobile devices.pdf2007-10-16 22:46 2.1M 
[   ][WAGNER, 2000] Javelin - A Personal Communication Device Demo.pdf2002-08-01 12:37 397K