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[   ]A field study of exploratory learning strategies.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 253K 
[   ]Beyond formal learning- Informal community eLearning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 249K 
[   ]Communication and collaborative learning at work.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 4.9M 
[   ]Conceptualizing On-the-Job Learning Styles.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 273K 
[   ]Conceptualizing a framework for design of online communities..pdf2007-10-16 22:47 4.6M 
[   ]Externalization of tacit knowledge in online environments. Jialin Yi..pdf2007-10-16 22:47 4.4M 
[   ]HRD and the challenges of assessing learning in the workplace.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 146K 
[   ]Informal community eLearning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 249K 
[   ]Learning-Program Creation in Work Organizations.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 142K 
[   ]Modeling Work-Related Learning on the Basis of Intentionality and Developmental Relatedness.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 249K 
[   ]Study and analysis of workspace awareness in CDebate.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 670K 
[   ]Toward Enriched Conceptions of Work Learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 119K 
[   ]Toward a Theory of Human Resource Development Learning Participation.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 227K 
[   ]Toward an Integrative Model of Involvement in Continuous Learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 238K 
[   ]Transformative Learning as a Condition for Transformational Change in Organizations.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 174K 
[   ]What Do We Actually Mean by Experiential Learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 225K