Since 1997, LER group aims at establishing bases to increase the quality of software production process by cooperating with universities and enterprises and focusing on Requirements Engineering activities.

Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering

  • Goal modelling methods
  • piStar Tool: An open-source, online goal modeling tool for i* 2.0. (link)
  • Catalogue of iStar language extensions (link)

Requirements Engineering for Safety-Critical Systems

  • Safety module for Uni-REPM (link)

    • It is a module that defines safety processes and practices to be followed during the development of safety-critical systems. It is composed by 14 processes: Safety Planning, Supplier Management, Preliminary Safety Analysis, Failure Handling, Safety Validation and Verification, Safety Certification, General Safety Management, Safety Configuration Management, Safety Communication, Safety Traceability, Human Factors, Safety Tool support, Safety Documentation, Safety Knowledge Management. (more details)
  • Analysis and specification of safety requirements
  • Modelling of safety requirements
  • Quality models for requirements engineering of critical systems
  • Certification of critical systems

Privacy Requirements Engineering

  • Analysis and specification of privacy requirements
  • Modelling of privacy requirements

Requirements Engineering for Embedded Systems

  • Uni-REPM Embedded Systems (link)
  • Methods and processes for requirements engineering of embedded systems
  • Requirements patterns for embedded systems