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Data Science & Analytics

Investigation and development of data science solutions for analysing operations, users, products and services in applications, such as:
- Driver analysis behavior (feeling, theft, efficiency, vehicle use degradation, recommendations)
- Fault and anomaly detection in industrial plants and systems
- Wind energy prediction
- Bug analysis in software and intrusion detection
- Client satisfaction analysis (churn and attrition prediction)
- Efficiency analysis of factory projects and processes
- User behavior analysis and information filtering in social networks and apps
- Fraud detection in phone networks, financial transactions or credit cards
- Consumer identification for market channeling of product and services 
- Patient and disease diagnosis from clinical tests and patient patterns
- Medical procedure analysis, recall and cost analysis of patient and medical units
- Analysis, prediction and optimization of urban mobility in big cities
- Demand prediction of parts, products and services 
- Product and service recommendations based on habits in mobile applications