Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can be part of my research team by the following options: (i) Scientific Initiation Program, (ii) development of an Undergraduate Final Project or (iii) applying for participate in a given research project as an Undergraduate Researcher. Normally, students from the undergraduate programs of Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Computer Science have been working with me, but compromised students from other disciplines are also welcome.

If you are identified with one of my research interests, please send me an e-mail. My current undergraduate students are listed below.

Undergraduate Monitoring

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José Raphael Santos
Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
Official Volunteer Monitor
Principles of Communication - 2021.1

Past Students

Scientific Initiation

  1. Mariana A. Souza (Mar 2015 - Jan 2016)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Machine learning application in predicting energy consumption of mobile devices in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks
    Sponsor: FADE/UFPE

  2. David Wilson F. Santos (Ago 2013 - Jul 2014)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Computational intelligence techniques applied to next generation wireless communication systems: opportunities and challenges
    Sponsor: PIBIC/UFPE - CNPq

  3. Saulo José A. Silva (Ago 2013 - Jul 2014)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: 4+G mobile broadband communications: new challenges by the use of OFDM modulation
    Sponsor: PIBIC/UFPE - CNPq

  4. Djeefther S. Albuquerque (Ago 2012 - Jul 2013)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Cooperative diversity in wireless communication systems: assessment of methods of signal combination
    Sponsor: PIBIC/UFPE - CNPq

  5. Rodrigo M. D. Aguiar (Out 2010 - Set 2011)
    Electronic Engineering, POLI-UPE
    Project: Error correcting codes applied to wireless sensor networks
    Sponsor: PIBIC/POLI

  6. Mariana C. C. Oliveira (Ago 2009 - Jul 2010)
    Telecommunications Engineering, POLI-UPE
    Project: Decoding of linear block codes using soft decision algorithms based on reliability
    Sponsor: PIBIC/UPE - CNPq

  7. Bruna Laís R. Melo (Ago 2008 - Jul 2009)
    Telecommunications Engineering, POLI-UPE
    Project: Evaluation of iterative decoding algorithms of codes based on sparse parity matrices
    Sponsor: PIBIC/UPE - CNPq

  8. Gilberto S. Santos (Out 2008 - Set 2009)
    Electronic Engineering, POLI-UPE
    Project: Evaluation of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in power line communication channels
    Sponsor: PIBIC/POLI

  9. Rebecca Camile de Albuquerque (Out 2007 - Set 2008)
    Telecommunications Engineering, POLI-UPE
    Project: Study of decoding techniques of block codes with channel measurement information
    Sponsor: PIBIC/POLI

Undergraduate Final Project

  1. Douglas T. R. P. Silva (2020)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Fingerprinting-based Algorithm for Locating Mobile Stations in Outdoor and Indoor Environments using LightGBM
    Publications related to Douglas's project:

    1. Mobile User Radiolocalization using Fingerprinting and Tree-based Learning (in Portuguese)
      XI Conferência Nacional em Comunicações, Redes e Segurança da Informação (ENCOM 2021) , Virtual Conf., Oct 2021
      D. T. R. P. Silva, L. N. Silva and D. C. Cunha

  1. Gustavo P. Bittencourt (2017)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Adaptive irregular grids for location of mobile stations in urban environments
    Publications related to Gustavo's project:

    1. A Proposal of an RF Fingerprint-based Outdoor Localization Technique using Irregular Grid Maps
      IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2018), Barcelona-ES, Apr 2018
      G. P. Bittencourt, A. A. F. Urbano and D. C. Cunha

  1. Diogo M. Almeida (2016)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Prediction of automotive problems using time series
    Publications related to Diogo's project:

    1. A Proposal of an Intelligent Forecasting System for Automotive Diagnostics using Time Series Analysis
      XIII Encontro Nacional de Inteligência Artificial e Computacional (ENIAC 2016), Recife-PE, Oct 2016
      D. M. Almeida, D. C. Cunha and P. S. G. Mattos Neto
      Best scientific initiation paper in XIII Encontro Nacional de Inteligência Artificial e Computacional (ENIAC 2016)

  1. Lucas M. F. Harada (2014)
    Computer Science, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Soft decision decoding algorithms applied to BCH codes
    Publications related to Lucas’ project:

    1. Stochastic Chase decoding of BCH codes
      11th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT 2015), Brussels-BE, Jun 2015
      L. M. F. Harada, D. C. Cunha, and C. Pimentel

  1. Diocleciano D. Neto (2013)
    Computer Engineering, CIn-UFPE
    Project: Analysis of the Huffman coding efficiency in extensions of information sources
    Best undergraduate research paper in XXXI Brazilian Telecommunications Symposium (SBrT 2013)