Below are the current and past research projects of which I am the Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI:

Current Projects

  • Title: Detection of Attacks by Behavior Analysis in Logs using Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Co-PI)
    Period: (Dec 2020 – Nov 2024)
    Sponsor: CNPq and Tempest Security Intelligence

  • Title: Architectures of Networks of Connected Objects: Challenges and Future Directions (PI)
    Period: (Mar 2019 – Feb 2022)
    Sponsor: CNPq (Research Productivity Fellowship)

  • Title: Deployment of the Multiuser Laboratory of Technology Innovation in Next-Generation Communications and Energy Efficiency (Co-PI)
    Period: (2020 – current)
    Sponsor: FINEP/CT-Infra

  • Title: Apple Developer Academy (Coordinator)
    Period: 2014 — current)

  • Title: Automotive Ethernet Networks: The Era of the Fully Connected Car (PI)
    Period: (Jan 2015 – Jul 2021)
    Sponsor: FACEPE

Psst Projects

  • Title: On Challenges and Opportunities in Networks of Connected Objects (PI)
    Period: (Mar 2016 – Feb 2019)
    Sponsor: CNPq (Research Productivity Fellowship)

  • Title: Energy Efficient Future Telecommunications — Collaboration between CIn/UFPE and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (PI in Brazil)
    Period: (Jan 2014 – Dec 2014)
    Sponsor: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education of Denmark — International Network Programme — Fifth Call for Proposals for Bilateral Network Activities in R&D between Denmark and Brazil

  • Title: Next Generation Optical Access Networks with 1 Gbps per User: Why, How and When? (PI)
    Period: (Mar-2013 – Feb 2016)
    Sponsor: CNPq (Research Productivity Fellowship)

  • Title: Broadband Access and Energy Efficiency in Next Generation Communication Networks and Data Centers: Challenges and Opportunities (PI)
    Period: (Mar-2010 – Feb 2013)
    Sponsor: CNPq (Research Productivity Fellowship)

  • Title: Hybrid Optical/Wireless NetworK: A Viable Solution for Future Broadband Access Networks (PI)
    Period: (Sep-2008 - Jan 2010)
    Sponsor: CNPq

  • Title: Digital Modulation Formats for Optical Communications (co-PI)
    Period: (May 2006 – Apr 2008)
    Sponsor: Padtec S/A