Conference papers

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CAVALCANTI, A.; MIYAZAWA, ALVARO; Augusto Sampaio 'Modelling and Verification for Swarm Robotics', 14th International Conference on integrated Formal Methods, v. 11023, p. 1-19, 2018.

Tainã Santos; Gustavo Carvalho; Augusto Sampaio 'Formal Modelling of Environment Restrictions from Natural-Language Requirements', SBMF 2018, v. 11254, p. 252-270, 2018.

Rafaela Almeida; Sidney Nogueira; Augusto Sampaio 'Automatic Test Case Generation for Concurrent Features from Natural Language Descriptions', SBMF 2018, v. 11254, p. 163-179, 2018.

OLIVEIRA, BRUNO; CARVALHO, GUSTAVO; MOUSAVI, MOHAMMAD REZA; Sampaio, Augusto 'Simulation of hybrid systems from natural-language requirements', 2017 13th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), , p. 1320-, 2017.

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