How to register

  • Registration for residents (Brazil): here (except Abragames members)
  • Registration for non-residents: here


Category - Values in Brazilian Reals (R$) Before
Student member of SBC 50,00 60,00 70,00
Student non-member of SBC 65,00 75,00 85,00
Student from Pernambuco State - 50,00 50,00
Professional member of SBC or Abragames 100,00 120,00 140,00
Professional non-member of SBC or Abragames 120,00 140,00 160,00
Professional from Pernambuco State Company - 100,00 100,00

  • At least an author per paper must register before 05/11/06 in order to have the paper included in the proceedings.
  • Students must show to the organization a document confirming their status at the check-in.
  • Members of Abragames must contact Abragames which will provide a list of participants to the SBGames organization.
  • A recent confirmation of a significant financial support from Pernambuco's government led SBGames organization to offer a promotion price for local students and professionals. These local people must present a Student ID ou Professional ID in the SBGames secretariat at the beginning of the event, in order to get their material and badges.