23 Nov 2004
Internal Release 2 available in our download area

04 Mar 2004
Internal Release 1 available in our download area

30 Dec 2003
Project website created


Process Artifacts

Vision/Scope document: This document describes the conceived vision for the VHS-AM project. This vision, which consists of an unbounded view of the final product (also called solution), is also subject to time and resource constraints, resulting in the project scope.

Functional Specification: This document specifies the use cases and non-functional requirements of the project VHS-AM, providing as much information as possible for developers, allowing design and implementation activities, and also for testers, allowing the detailed planning and design of tests.

Postmortem: This document presents a critical analysis for the project VHS-AM, covering its development process, from envisioning to deployment of Internal Release 2.

Project Deliverables

Internal Release 2, 23 Nov 2004 (please check the Release Notes for this version) - Install this Internal Release in Assignment Manager faculty clients and install an updated version of VHS in the Assignment Manager server and in Assignment Manager student/faculty clients. Plase go to the VHS download area for more information on VHS.

Internal Release 1, 04 Mar 2004 (please check the Release Notes for this version) - This Internal Release contains basic Haskell functionalities for VS.NET 2003 and Assignment Manager.

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