Conference papers

Gustavo Carvalho; F. Barros; Carvalho, Ana; CAVALCANTI, A.; MOTA, A.; Sampaio, Augusto 'NAT2TEST Tool: From Natural Language Requirements to Test Cases Based on CSP', Software Engineering and Formal Methods, , p. 283-290, 2015.

DIHEGO, JOSÉ; Sampaio, Augusto; OLIVEIRA, MARCEL 'Constructive extensibility of trustworthy component-based systems', Proceedings of the 30th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - SAC '15, , p. 1808-1814, 2015.

Marcel Oliveira; Sampaio, Augusto; Conserva Filho, Madiel S. 'Model-Checking Circus State-Rich Specifications', Integrated Formal Methods, v. 8739, p. 39-54, 2014.

Pedro Antonino; Marcel Oliveira; Augusto Sampaio; Klaus Kristenses; Jeremy Bryans 'Leadership Election: An Industrial SoS Application of Compositional Deadlock Verification', NASA Formal Methods, v. 8430, p. 31-45, 2014.

Pedro Antonino; Augusto Sampaio; Woodcock, Jim 'A Refinement Based Strategy for Local Deadlock Analysis of Networks of CSP Processes', FM 2014: Formal Methods, v. 8442, p. 62-77, 2014.

Frank Zeyda; T. Santos; CAVALCANTI, A.; Augusto Sampaio 'A Modular Theory of Object Orientation in Higher-Order UTP', FM 2014: Formal Methods, v. 8442, p. 627-642, 2014.

Lima, Lucas; Iyoda, Juliano; Sampaio, Augusto 'A Formal Semantics for Sequence Diagrams and a Strategy for System Analysis.', Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (MODELSWARD 2014), , p. 317-324, 2014.

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