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    Logic for CS
    Theor. Inf.
    Set Th.


Ruy J. Guerra B. de Queiroz

Centro de Informática, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Current Students


  • Maria das Graças Silva Oliveira: Homomorphic Encryption.
  • Clarice Marinho de Casto: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
  • Igor Medeiros Vanderlei: Privacy Control in Electronic Health Records
  • Evandro Curvelo Hora: Formal Strategies in Computer Security
  • Luciana Vale Silva: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics
  • Rodrigo Costa: Security in Online Advertising
  • Marcus Vinicius Midena Ramos: Complexity Theory
  • Fabiano Silva: Computational Complexity in Numerical Computation
  • Danielle Novaes: Multidisciplinary Analysis of Cybercrime
  • Vitor Andrade: Lean Startup Methodology
  • Anselmo Lacerda Gomes: Digital Identity Management

  • Anderson Queiroz: Computational Security


  • Silvio Danilo: Malware Analysis
  • Thiago Diniz: Lean Startup Methodology
  • Vinicius Cantarelli: Security in Personal Health Records
  • Gleudson Pinheiro Jr: Electronic Voting
  • Raquel Saraiva: Access Right
  • Sandra Friedman: Differential Privacy
  • Henrique Arcoverde: Computational Security
  • Fernando Luiz Guimarães Motta Jr: Issues in Computer Crime
  • Vicente Ricardo Arruda da Fonseca: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
  • Dimmy Karson: Secure Protocols for E-Cash
  • Márcio Almeida: Mobile Agents for Web Application Security
  • Carlos Eduardo Saraiva: Applications of Visual Cryptografphy
  • Wagner Medeiros dos Santos: End-to-End Verifiability for Web-based Open Audit Voting Systems
  • Felipe Zimmerle: Security for Geolocation Applications

    Former Students


  • Marcelo Gama da Silva: Ants Colony Optimisation for The Shortest Vector Problem over Lattices.
  • Eudes Naziazeno Galvão: A Class of Quasi-Finitely Axiomatizable Rings. (Co-Supervisor: Thomas Scanlon) Oral Exam: Feb 28th, 2011.
  • Gleifer Vaz Alves: Normalization for N-Graphs. (Co-Supervisor: Anjolina Grisi de Oliveira)
  • Emmanuel Felix Lopes da Silva: First-Order Arithmetic Characterization of Polynomial-Space Computable Functions. (Co-Supervisor: Ricardo Bianconi.) Oral Exam: June 27th, 2008.
  • Sérgio da Silva Aguiar: An Analysis of Self-Reference Based on Semantic Streams. Oral Exam: March 14th, 2008.
  • Steffen Lewitzka: Contributions to the investigation of Lascar strong types in simple theories. Oral Exam: April 25th, 2003. Funded by CNPq and DAAD.
  • Anjolina Grisi de Oliveira: Proofs from a Geometric Perspective. Oral Exam: February 16th, 2001. Funded by CAPES.
  • Haroldo G. Benatti: Descriptive Complexity of Graph Problems. Oral Exam: March 24th, 2000. Funded by CAPES.
  • Ana Teresa Martins: A Syntactical and Semantical Uniform Treatment for the IDL and LEI Nonmonotonic System. Oral Exam: 1997. (Co-Supervisor. Main Supervisor: Tarcisio Pequeno)


  • Dener Didonné: Digital Forensics in Cloud Computing
  • Anderson Queiroz: Cookies and Privacy
  • Fred Madeira: Defense Techniques against SPIT
  • Rodrigo Costa: Clicable CAPTCHAS and Defenses against Click Fraud
  • Anisio Andre Santos Junior: Security and Verifiability in Electronic Voting via Mixnets
  • Leonardo Ribeiro: Protocols for Secure Electronic Auctions. Oral Exam: 4 Sept 2009
  • Marcela Quispe Cruz: Towards Intuitionistic N-Graphs. Oral Exam: 31 August 2009 (Co-Supervisor. Main Supervisor: Anjolina de Oliveira)
  • Eduardo Mazza Batista: ASAT: A Tool for Detection of New Viruses. Oral Exam: 6 June 2008.
  • Marcelo Gama da Silva: Pseudo-Free Groups and Cryptographic Protocols. Oral Exam: 26 February 2007.
  • Igor Medeiros Vanderlei: Multi-Party Secure Computation for String Matching. Oral Exam: 31 August 2006.
  • Murillo de Barros C R A Pontual: Multi-Party Secure Computation for Matrix Operations. Oral Exam: 30 November, 2005.
  • Gleifer Vaz Alves: Normalization for N-Graphs. Oral Exam: March 16th, 2005. Funded by CAPES. (Acted as a Co-Supervisor. Principal Supervisor: Anjolina Grisi de Oliveira.)
  • Edson Holanda Cavalcante Jr: On the Soundness Criteria for Proof Graphs (In Portuguese). Oral Exam: February 19th, 2001. Funded by CNPq.
  • Adolfo Gustavo Serra Sêca Neto: Using Logic for Concurrency: A Critical Study. Oral Exam: December 1996. Funded by CNPq.
  • Nícia Cristina Rocha Riccio: Sobre a Questão da Formalização do Raciocínio Abdutivo via Sistemas Dedutivos Rotulados. Oral Exam: August 1995. Funded by CNPq.
  • Adolfo Almeida Duran: Semântica via Jogos para a Dedução Rotulada. Oral Exam: August 1995. Funded by CNPq.
  • Sérgio Gorender: Sobre a Representação de Linguagem Natural usando Dedução Natural. Oral Exam: April 1995. Funded by CNPq.
  • Anjolina Grisi de Oliveira: Transformação entre Provas para a Dedução Natural Rotulada via Reescrita de Termos. Oral Exam: April 1995. Funded by CAPES.

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