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[   ]An Intelligent Mobile Tutoring.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 282K 
[   ]Conception and Development of Reusable and Modular Mobile Content.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 274K 
[   ]Exploring the Course Development Model for the Mobile Learning Context - A Preliminary Study.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 99K 
[   ][McDonald] The influence of multimedia training on users attitudes- lessons learned.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 283K 
[   ][Patten S├ínchez and Tangney] Designing collaborative constructionist and contextual applications for handheld devices.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 1.2M 
[   ][Sharples] The design of personal mobile technologies for lifelong learning.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 947K 
[   ][Virvou and Alepis] Mobile educational features in authoring tools for personalised tutoring.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 610K 
[   ][Zurita and Nussbaum] Computer supported collaborative learning using wirelessly interconnected handheld computers.pdf2007-10-16 22:47 799K