Logic, Proofs and Algorithms
April 15-18, 1998
Campinas, Brazil

Scientific Sponsorship
Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics
European Association of Theoretical Computer Science

Logic, Proofs and Algorithms '98 is the second of a series of workshops which started in 1996, in a similar spirit to DIMACS' Special Year on Logic and Algorithms, i.e. seeking to bridge a dichotomy in computer science between two major branches of research, one in algorithms and complexity (Theory A), and the other one in formal models and semantics (Theory B). The idea is to expose industry, graduate students, postdocs, and experienced researchers from other fields to the three focus areas situated in the gap between Theory A and Theory B: proof complexity, finite model theory, and computer aided verification. (Previous version (LPA'96's) guest speakers: Peter Clote, Anuj Dawar.)
LPA'98 is being held in association with LATIN'98

Guest Speakers
Alessandra Carbone (Department of Informatics and Mathematics, University of Paris 12)
Proof Complexity (titles+abstracts)
Argimiro Arratia (Departmento Matematicas, Universidad Simon Bolívar, Venezuela)
Finite Model Theory and Descriptive Complexity (titles+abstracts)
Pavel Pudlák (Mathematics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences)
Bounded Arithmetic (titles+abstracts)

Each guest speaker will give: (i) a 2-hour tutorial on the state-of-the-art of his/her topic of expertise, plus (ii) two or three advanced lectures on themes of his/her recent research in the area.
Contributed talks (selected out of the submitted abstracts) will last for 45min.

If you wish to contribute a paper send the text to lpa98 at di ufpe br

Final Programme

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