Career Profile

I'm a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science at the Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil), where I'm a fellow researcher on the Software Productivity Group. In my research, I investigate and develop tools for supporting developers when dealing with code integration conflicts (build and test conflicts). I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering. I have a solid background in programming languages (Java, Python, Ruby, C), research methods, and technologies (Git, CI services) widely used in software development. Link to Lattes Here.


PhD Student

2018 - present
PhD Student at Informatics Center (UFPE) under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Borba.

Visiting Period

2019/10 - 2020/08
Chalmers University
Visiting PhD Student under the supervision of Prof. Thorsten Berger.

Master Degree

2016 - 2018
Graduation thesis in Software Engineering and Programming Languages: "Build and Test Conflicts in The Wild". Supervised by Prof. Paulo Borba.

Bachelor Degree

2011 - 2015
UFC - Campus Quixadá
Graduation thesis in Software Engineering: "Requirements Engineering and Variability Management in DSPLs Domain Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review".

Visiting Period

2014/03 - 2015/02
TU Munich
Visiting Student (Science without Borders).

Professional Services


2016 - present

Researcher at SPG - Software Productivity Group.



Software Testing

Research Assistant

2019/10 - 2020/01
Chalmers University

Research Assistant at Chalmers.

Student Volunteer

International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2019)


ICSME - Detecting Semantic Conflicts Via Automated Behavior Change Detection. Adelaide (Virtual), 2020.
ICSE - Doctoral Symposium - Detecting, understanding and resolving build and test conflicts. Montreal, 2019.
MSR - Analyzing conflict predictors in open-source Java projects. Gothenburg, 2018.
ESEM - Autonomy in Software Engineering: A Preliminary Study on the Influence of Education Level and Professional Experience. Toronto, 2017.
ICEIS - Requirements Engineering and Variability Management in DSPLs Domain Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review. Rome, 2016.
WEI - POOGame: Um Jogo Sério para o Ensino de Programação Orientada a Objetos. Porto Alegre, 2016.