Object-oriented analysis and design methods are used more and more in practice. On the other hand, object-oriented implementation (or codification) methods receive much less attention. In spite of this, dealing with complex object oriented applications, we see the ever-growing need for a correct implementation method, in order to avoid compromising all investment done in project analysis and to have not only a productivity increase, but also right confidence levels, extensibility and reusability adequate for the market needs.
         This research project intends to define and validate a method for the implementations of complex object-oriented applications, so that these applications can be quickly implemented, tested and adapted. In particular, a support tool will be developed for the Progressive Implementation Method (Pim) of high quality Java application [1]. This tool is based on classes transformations, for example, braking a class in two others (to make it more reusable and better structured) or producing a set of classes from a single entity class.
         This work consists of the specification of this tool's transformation language, as well as the implementation of a prototype system capable of applying tranformations written in this language to programs written in a subset of the Java language.