AspectJML crosscutting contract specifications for better modularity

          aspectjml is           aspectjml enables
  • a seamless aspect-oriented extension to the JML design by contract language
  • AspectJ compatible
  • Java platform compatible
  • easy to learn and use
  • clean modularization/specification of crosscutting contracts, such as preconditions and postconditions, while preserving documentation and modular reasoning
  • well-defined interfaces between the OO code and crosscutting contracts

AspectJML - Programming Guide

The AspectJML Programming Guide

The AspectJML compiler offers support for compiling and running programs from command-line as well as from within Ant.
To get started with setting up an environment for running AspectJML programs please see our page on installing and running the compiler.

Once you have downloaded and installed the compiler, you could read Getting Started with AspectJML for a broad overview of AspectJML.

Note that this page is under construction... come back soon for more details! [AspectJML Team].