Adaptive Coverage and Operational Profile-based Testing for Reliability Improvement

Antonia Bertolino, Breno Miranda, Roberto Pietrantuono, Stefano Russo

39th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'17), 2017.


We introduce covrel, an adaptive software testing approach based on the combined use of operational profile and coverage spectrum, with the ultimate goal of improving the delivered reliability of the program under test. Operational profile-based testing is a black-box technique that selects test cases having the largest impact on failure probability in operation; as such, it is considered well suited when reliability is a major concern. Program spectrum is a characterization of a program’s behavior in terms of the code entities (e.g., branches, statements, functions) that are covered as the program executes. The driving idea of covrel is to complement operational profile information with white-box coverage measures based on count spectra, so as to dynamically select the most effective test cases for reliability improvement. In particular, we bias operational profile-based test selection towards those entities covered less frequently. We assess the approach by experiments with 18 versions from 4 subjects commonly used in software testing research, comparing results with traditional operational and coverage testing. Results show that exploiting operational and coverage data in a combined adaptive way actually pays in terms of reliability improvement, with covrel overcoming conventional operational testing in more than 80% of the cases.

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