JEOPS - The Java Embedded Object Production System

Version: 2.1 beta 1 - September 28, 2000
Author: Carlos Figueira Filho

Welcome! This is the JEOPS main page. It's a project intended to give Java the power of production systems. JEOPS adds forward chaining, first-order production rules to Java through a set of classes designed to provide this language with some kind of declarative programming. With that, the development of intelligent applications, such as software agents or expert systems is facilitated.

JEOPS version 2.1 is an improved version of JEOPS v2.0. Although it has not been as much modified as the previous version, we also strongly recommend you to upgrade your applications, because the support to the previous version will be in lower priority than the request for modifications in this current version. Anyway, all the documentation of the previous version is still available.

This page was last updated by Carlos Figueira Filho on September 28th, 2000.