JEOPS - The Java Embedded Object Production System


Version: 2.0 beta 1 - June 2, 2000
Author: Carlos Figueira Filho

Compiling rules into Java source

When compiling the rules file, no Java file is generated, only a _istmp.tmp is created.
All the rules must be inside a ruleBase, in the same way all methods and field declarations of java files must be defined inside a class. This is an error that is now being checked by the compiler (in the release of June 14th).

A ClassNotFoundException is thrown for a class that exists in my classpath.
In order for the compiler be able to transform the rules file into a Java source file, all classes that are used in the declarations of the rules (or in the local declarations) must already be compiled; in other words, if a rule declares a variable of class agents.Agent, there must be a file agents\Agent.class available from the classpath (it can also be inside some ZIP or JAR file that is in the classpath), and not only a .java file.

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