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Many tools have been created to facilitate modeling and analysis with i* and related frameworks.  As part of the 5th International i* Workshop (iStar’11) we are organizing a Tools Fair to update community knowledge about the current offerings of i* modeling and reasoning tools.


The i* Workshop will include a session for tool demos. The session will consist of a two-minute presentation of two slides (automatic transition from one slide to the next will be enforced) and then the floor will be opened for demos.


Fill out a form providing information about your tool by creating a wiki page on the i* wiki. If a page on the wiki already exists for your tool, please update it as appropriate.  Contact if you require a new user name and password for the wiki. The consolidation of these forms will be used to update our online comparison of i* Tools

Prepare a three page description of the tool, using LNCS format.  Descriptions should include a screen shot of the tool and should cover the following points:

iStar'11 - Fifth International i* Workshop